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We harvest and supply common reed. The reed is used for thatching the roofs of smaller and larger buildings and garden structures. Longstanding experience in raw material handling earned us a good reputation in the reed-roofing industry. Our major customers are companies from Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Sweden. We have recently witnessed growing demand from Polish clients.

The reed is collected both in the North of Poland : Vistula Lagoon and in Western Pomerania.

We also supply raw material from the East of Poland which is provided by co-operating local producers.

Our company maintains a considerable storage facility totalling 5,000 square meters. Therefore, we can always meet the demand and provide our customer with high quality product.


We also offer:

  • reed products: reed mats and reed boards,
  • willow products: willow mats and all kinds of willow fences.