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Common Reed (Phragmites Communis) - widely spread herb, found in wetlands. Reed is a perennial that forms open dense stands in favourable environment.

To prepare the material suitable for roofing, reed stems ought to be one-year old, with no leaves, slender, long and straw-coloured. The reed's stem carries high proportion of waxes and its butt end is impregnated with silica which turns its epidermis into thicker and stronger structure. These thicker parts of the stem form the roofing which is therefore better protected against unfavourable weather conditions and also provides natural protection against fire.

Well crafted reed roofing may last 40 to 80 years, and prevail even longer in favourable conditions. Reed thatched roofs are gaining popularity. Common reed is a natural and ecological building material highly appreciated for its aesthetic and practical virtues.

The reed roof is well thermoinsulated (it keeps cool in Summer, and in Winter temperature does not fall below 10 oC in the attic). Common reed also absorbs the noise very well.